passionate about backgammon
in Amsterdam


First Zandvoort Beach Open - 2012


Ons Paviljoen 11
Zandvoort               (Click and take a view)

Strandpaviljoen 11
Boulevard De Favauge 11
2042 TT Zandvoort
Tel: 023 – 5717580


Zaturday and Sunday, May 19-20


An idea of Jean Lewicki

You have to make a reservation!

Saturday noon till 11 PM

Acquaintance with a Round Robin 10E (100%)
Winner: John "Animal J" Jacobs
Runner Up: Jean Lewicki (himself!)
2nd Round Robin:
Winner: John "Animal J" Jacobs
Runner Up: Nardy Pillards

Sunday noon till 10.30PM

Main Tournament for the Zandvoort Beach Cup
Start at 1 PM
60E + 20E with coffee, cake and buffet or BBQ
Progressive Consolation 9/11/13

Intermediate Tournament (Round Robin)
Start at 2 PM
10E + 15E with coffee, cake and buffet or BBQ

Jackpots (100% - 5E), 1pt knock-out 5E (100%), ...


Train or bus from Haarlem
Train or bus from Amsterdam CS
Ons Paviljoen 11: 200m from station Zandvoort

Parking (Dutch link gemeente Zandvoort)
You found free parking at NS station Heemstede or Bloemendaal?
We'll come and get you!

Contact? Subject: Zandvoort 2012
Jean +31 622 571 236
Nardy +31 652 663 616
Pim +31 625 293 739